Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dear reader. Right now a lamb that we had raised by hand is sick and about to be put down. His name was Herby. In this moment of sorrow, i would like to say something. The path we walk is the path of life. When we come to a fork we hope to make the right choice. When we get to the end we die. That end is our destiny. sometimes our path ends abruptly, like Herbys. But other times, we can see it coming from far away.


nanibo said...

Hey Dylan,
I absolutely love your blog. It is great!!!

I am real sorry Herby had to be put down. I wonder if he had already been at stop sign farm when I was visiting in winter 2006? Because if he was then I might have known him, too... I really can't remember.


Allie said...

dear Dylan

I'm very very sorry about Herby but you can't let it ruin your life you have to go on without Herby. I hope you get a new sheep that you like just as much.


Shea's Mom said...

So sad. Sorry that had to happen but I have to say you have a very good attitude about it. And, your word have helped me because I just lost a friend too.

Very wise words indeed.

Herby was a good little lamb. He will be reborn as something else and live again. Anyway, that's what I think. Love, Shelley